Neck Ties for Men

Sometimes it only takes a touch of color and a small hint of playfulness to completely renew a wardrobe. d’143 carries many bow ties that can make for fun alternatives to regular neckties.

We carry a huge selection of bow ties in many different styles, sizes and colors. We have classic styles that require you to tie your own knots and a variety of simple and easy clip-on or strap-on options to make getting ready a breeze. Shapes include wide, common bow ties that come in the traditional hour-glass shape, and western-style slim bow ties as well.

Whether you’re putting together an outfit for a fine dinner with friends and loved ones, getting ready for a wedding, or just trying to give your look a fresh new appeal, bow ties can make the perfect accessory. Wearing a light-colored bow tie with a dark coat can give a formal outfit a bright, fun touch. A textured wool bow tie can coordinate with suspenders or a vest for a cool, old-fashioned inspired effect.

Many bow ties even come with other matching accessories to make shopping for matching items much easier. Bow ties that come with cummerbunds made of the same fabric and in the same color are ideal for tuxedos, whether you’re going to a wedding reception or appearing in a performance.



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