Jeans for Men

A solid pair of men’s jeans is an absolute must in any man's wardrobe. In fact, there's a good chance you're wearing them right now. Their versatility and durable nature let you wear them many different occasions, and with the multitude of different colors and washes, you're gauranteed to find a pair or two that suits your tastes just right. Find the best pair of jeans to suit your situation, from the attractive look of acid-washed bootcut jeans, to the laid-back appearance of a classic pair of straight leg blue jeans, to the shape-forming appeal of skinny jeans. Go for a walk through the park in an everyday jeans-and-shirt combo or pair your denim with a blazer to add a hint of formality. When it comes to one of America's most popular clothing choices, don't second guess yourself, you'll find something that you can feel comfortable in any day of the week with affordable jeans for men at d’143.

The very nature of denim allows for virtually endless types, looks, textures and colors. The most common type of jean is the blue jean that's dyed using indigo dye. Since indigo usually isn't as colorfast as other types of dyes, you can expect them to fade over time in a unique manner that depends on how you wear your jeans! Enjoy this gradual process and make your jeans your own.



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