Socks for Men

However carefully you might be dressed, socks are one of those things that can make or break your whole look. To help you in this, d’143 brings you a wide variety of socks available in different colours. So let your feet do the talking with a pair of stylish socks for every occasion. You can find comfort, quality, and affordability all at once place as you browse through the socks section on our site. As socks get soiled quickly, hence, keeping many pairs in your closet is a fair approach.

Want an instant style update? Slip your toes into a sharp pair of socks. Socks are one of the best forms of clothing for the feet. They are worn for a number of reasons like to absorb sweat from the feet, to protect your feet from the intensity of frostbite and to provide a mild, gentle form of padding between the heel and the shoe. d’143 has men’s socks available in a number of styles, designs, colours and in myriad patterns.

Want to keep your feet hygienic and your shoes clean? Shop for good quality socks online from d’143. Different types of socks go with different occasions. If you like to wear casual clothing, you can pick from the finest range of ankle socks and loafer socks available on our website. For people who are into sports, we have a good choice socks. During summers, you will feel more comfortable in cotton socks. Simply place the order online, avail easy payment options and get your pair of socks delivered right at your doorstep.



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