Underwear for Men

Underwear are the most basic pieces of any clothing article and are surely a necessity as they cover, support as well as protects the male anatomy from any kind of harm. If you notice, men’s underwear industry has taken a huge leap from just a few options to unbelievably numerous one to choose from. Since the era of loincloth to the current scenario, the status of men’s underwear has gone from necessity to passion and an evolving sense of style. Underwear has been an integral part of men’s lives and has been upgrading according to the changing trends and fashion sense. You’d be able to find products that go all the way from conventional and classic to outrageous, and revolutionary.

Shopping for underwear can be a boring and a monotonous task. At d’143, we want to make this task a fun and an engaging activity. Choose from a wide variety of boxers, trunks, briefs and vests. You can shop for solids and basics and also choose for some fun quirky prints or sporty patterns.

d’143 fulfills the collective wish of the self-sufficient male, doting mother and indulgent wife, engaged in the task of buying (the man’s) underwear. Each one secretly hopes that it was a job someone else would do for them. Not only is the selection exhaustive but also presented to appeal to both genders alike. The underwear collection at d’143 is definitely worth checking out.



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